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So that you don’t have to scroll past the text (below) each time you visit this page, we’ll put the categories for this immediately before the description. The first time you visit this page, please read beyond the categories, below. To visit the respective categorical resource page, please click on the orange category/site-listing itself.

ARTICLES sites Revenue sharing at sites where people write, sell, share, and similarly, their written articles. There are a verifiable goldmine of article sites that have profit and revenue sharing.

ADVICE & ANSWERS sites These types of sites provide a setting wherein you offer advice and answers to questions at large, if your expertise is in certain subject-matter.

BLOGS On top of website creation, blogs are one of the most common formats for receiving Adsense compensation.

CHRISTIAN sites Revenue sharing at sites related to our Lord and Savior! Laughing Innocent

FORUMS Sites that follow forum formats, in that they have general topics of discussion, and then those topics have sub-topics, and people comment, debate, share, and similarly on the topics at hand.

PHOTO or IMAGE sites Sites that host images, photos, or content created by Photoshop for books, online resources, and similarly. (Most of these sites pay per download, which can make it very lucrative.)

REVIEW sites Review sites are sites where obviously someone reviews products, websites, or similarly.

SOCIAL BOOKMARKING sites A way for people to share, tag, store, or organize useful links online. You save or bookmark these sites online versus in your personal web browser so that you can access them from any computer instead of just your own.

SOCIAL NETWORKING sites Kind of speaks for itself, but these are sites which are social communities for people to network, chat, find new friends or people with similar interests, and similarly.

VIDEO sites Video sites are obviously sites like Youtube, which involve online video posting, video sharing, and similarly.

OTHER and NICHE sites If anything doesn’t quite fit into the categories referenced above, we’ll put them here. Also, specific niche sites.

SO, as you well know by now I’m sure, Google Adsense is a completely free, prosperity sharing program of sorts created by Google. It is an ad serving application for web publishers, and one of the many ways you can make money with Google. Basically, you post their advertising code on a website, and when a websurfer clicks on the Google advertisement in question, you get compensated.

This is an excellent way for you as an Internet marketer, to build sites, blogs, or similarly, which can net you those “$100 per month on autopilot” type of profits. One successful campaign will not usually net you hundreds or thousands of dollars (when we say not usually… there are people who make hundreds a month, and some even make thousands per month from single Adsense campaigns, but that took them some time, and it is usually the profit-sharer and not the “profit-sharee”.) However, when you put in the time with Adsense campaigns (yes, common theme here at, “put in the time“), you can build those $100+ per month campaigns. Then you build another… then another… and etc., until eventually you have 30 of those types of sites (or more), bringing you $3k per month (or more). Laughing

One person I know utilizes a “rinse and repeat” process where he will write 50 articles or blogs (or whatever) for a single site, then he moves to the next site and does the same, then the next site and the same, and etc, etc. Obviously it will take a lot of time to do this, and for some people it might even take them a month or more to move from one site to the next, but this guy is making literally thousands per month, even when he decides to take a few weeks off!

As you know, with Adsense you simply determine where you want the ads to appear, and specify the type of ads that can be slotted there. Advertisers will bid on inventory for the spot in an auction set-up and the highest paying ads will appear. Google bills the advertisers, and you get paid by Google. Simple, huh? It is one of the most common ways for people with websites or blogs to monetize their site. You will get paid one of two ways: Either PPC, which obviously gets you paid each time the ad is “clicked” on, and PPI, which is when you are paid for every time an ad is displayed (per impression). Some also pay via CPM, which is cost per thousand views.

So, there are tons of sites out there that share that revenue with you from Google, while also allowing you to utilize their popular platform. First, you obviously need to make sure you are signed up for your own Google Adsense account. If you do not yet have one, simply click here to go to Google and apply for an account.

Further, many sites also share profits with you from the perspective of content, well beyond affiliate networks. For example, one site might allow you to post your song or music, and when purchased or downloaded you get 80% of the profits and they get 20% of each download or sale. Other (actually many) sites might do this from the perspective of selling individual, personally taken photographs. Others yet share the Adsense revenue, or Amazon revenue, or Chitika revenue (what Yahoo uses and essentially their version of Adsense) they garner from their site, with you. So, this page is a resource of sorts for all of these different prosperity, profit and revenue-sharing sites (and which aren’t affiliate marketing… we couldn’t possibly list the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of affiliate options out there).

So, these resources are places where you can generate revenue by essentially piggy-backing off another existing sites success and web presence. These are the profit sharing sites we refer to in our post title. These sites range from video sites, to article sites, to social bookmarking sites, to blogs, niche sites, forums, and everything else in between. We’ve categorized an exhaustive, but definitely not all-inclusive list of sites where you can do some Adsense profit-sharing, along with brief descriptions of the sites.

The above-referenced sites are categorized groupings, and we currently provide listings and descriptions of around 100 (and growing) revenue sharing and Adsense profit-sharing sites. Further, these listings are current and accurate. The sites within the categories will continually grow as we learn of them either on our own, or from you. You are always free to e-mail us and ask that we add a resource to these categories and lists.

*(Please note- For most sites that are not extremely niche-centric, we will typically avoid prosperity-sharing sites that have little rank or website traffic, and it is at our discretion to decide what we will post.)


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