Dude Dollars

God bless you!


Dude dollars are points that you earn for being socially active on our site. When you utilize our forum, or our “mini-social” app, you gain points for that activity. This summer, you will be able to use your points to “purchase” discount codes towards your membership. So, say you have racked up $12,000 Dude Dollars, we might have an option where you could purchase 30% off your next months membership with $10,000 Dude Dollars. We might allow you to purchase a rebate, where you get $20 kicked back to you via Paypal for a certain amount of your Dude Dollars. We will also begin running contests where you can purchase entries into a drawing where you could win something like an iPad or iPod.

Again, your Dude Dollars are now accumulating, so get active on the social aspect of our site! We will launch the “trading” aspect of Dude Dollars at some point this summer, and at that point you can begin spending your DD’s. In the meantime, here is a “quick hit” of our Dude Dollar stats:

Top Dude Dollars earners (below):


YOUR current amount of Dude Dollars- $  (*Note- 1: You must be logged in to see this number to the left. 2: You can also find your DD’s at the upper-top, right-hand side of our pages.)

So, GET SOCIAL! God bless, and best wishes for your massive prosperity. Smile1

Thank you for visiting the best home-based Christian business opportunity around, may God bless you wildly!

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