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Well, because we teach you how to reap massive prosperity promoting other people’s websites, whether it is promoting our site or someone else’s. We even have products to teach you how to create your own products and online store fronts. So even if you’re not there right now, you’ll be ready to take that leap soon, we’re sure of it. In the meantime, let us share some free stuff with you and simply warm you up to this whole Internet marketing prosperity thing, risk-free and without any commitments. Does that sound fair? Smile

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NEW MEMBERS-TO-BE: As you may know, Aweber was recently cyber-attacked . Thus, for some reason, our form below seems to be doing some funky things, and we do have a request in to Aweber to get it resolved. In the meantime, PLEASE sign-up with the form. You *might* get an error message saying “you need to fill out ALL fields”. Well, for whatever reason, when that happens you are STILL being signed up for Free Membership. How can you test this? After filling it out, click the “back” button of your browser and re-send the form… it will then say, “You have already subscribed!” Then you know you are good to go. 🙂 Sorry for the inconvenience, but we will have this fixed soon! Thank you!

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