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WELCOME to our “Activity” page. Here is where you will find interactive aspects of our site, including our new-in-Spring 2013 members forum. You will have multitudes of various categories which to post in. You will find everything from prayer requests, to discussing the Word, to social media, content marketing, and all other aspects of Internet marketing…  and of course whatever else you would like to comment on our discuss here at

Please use the drop-down menu under the “Activity” tab at the top of this page to access our interactive and “mini-social” aspects of the site. Also, keep in mind that we have installed a “points system” where members get awarded points based on their user activity that appears as “dude dollars” at the top right page of members pages. At points in the future, users will be able to utilize those dude dollars to enter contests for iPods or iPads and similar giveaways, or even to purchase a coupon code for a discount on a future-months membership fee.

This is obviously to encourage social interaction and forum participation on our site. So, please do be active on our site, as you will have many opportunities to be rewarded! We are coming up with the system and payouts for our membership activity awards system, so look for that sometime approximately in July of 2013. In the meantime, build up your points to use towards site credit and contests!

Also new is our “mini-social” page, which is a simple, comment-based social interaction that allows you to let the world (well, your fellow members, at least) know how or what you’re feeling, or if you have simple, quick comments, requests or questions. It is somewhat similar to the Facebook style of interaction. “Quick post” what you would like to share, and members can also comment on that. You can also send friend requests for fellow members, and create little groups of like-minded people for whatever it is you want to “socialize” about.

Finally, you will find Dude’s posts, articles, write-ups, tips, hints, and additional tutorials. We break those posts into 2 different categories, which are 1) basically those that have more to do with being a Christian and Christ-centric content, and 2) those that have more to do with Internet marketing, even though many of those themselves also Christ-centered tinges of content and reminders.

We are in the process of creating an extensive, dynamic, fully-social Christian Internet marketers aspect of our site, that will massively exceed the social networking aspects that our site currently has. We do not have a definitive timeline for the release date of our social community, but anticipate it being sometime in the late summer to fall of 2013. It is exciting for us, and will be large, interactive, dynamic, and well beyond anything that you are currently finding at our site from a social perspective. So as always THANK YOU for being a member of, and praise God that you are blessing us with the opportunity to serve you! We definitely have some exciting things in store and ahead.

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Thank you for visiting the best home-based Christian business opportunity around, may God bless you wildly!

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