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Welcome to theChristiandude.com affiliate program “about” page! We are hiring independent contractors to market our products on a commission basis. We have an excellent compensation structure, in that we pay commissions that start at 60% of every initial sale that you make! Even better than that, we are also currently paying out residuals beginning at 40% commissions on any recurring charges.  Once you have referred at least 10 paying customers to our member site, your residuals increase to 50%. Once you get 25 paying members signed up to our members only site, you will receive 60%, ongoing residual commissions!

So what does this mean for you? Residual income! It is incredibly rare that you will be paid commissions on a residual basis by most affiliate networks. Well, here at theChristiandude.com on the other hand, we want to bless you!

We are looking for experienced Internet marketers, and we do not care what your marketing niche or forte is, as long as it’s done “White Hat” and done with integrity. Whether your specialty is Content and Article marketing, blogging, social media marketing, video marketing, PPC or PPA marketing (or similarly), classifieds marketing, e-mail/list-building marketing,  forums marketing, or whatever type of high-tech, online marketing you partake in, we welcome it and praise God that you’re here!

Don’t have experience? No problem. Training is available.

If for any reason you have no idea what any of the above-referenced Internet marketing terms we’re referencing even mean, don’t worry, because we have something for you! Our book, The Plan of Attack is the ultimate tutorial for newbie, or aspiring Internet marketers. It is a fully comprehensive lesson plan that teaches you from a step-by-step, action-item approach. If you are a newbie, you need to start there! If you are looking to garner massive prosperity and are willing to follow a step-by-step action plan, our Plan of Attack is the most affordable, comprehensive tutorial in existence. If you do have some experience in Internet marketing however, read on…

Consider this:

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, we are selling a few different products that you have an opportunity to garner serious prosperity from. One is theChristiandude.com membership, which is in its phase 1 pricing of $45 for the 1st month, and then only $27.95 thereafter. The new member that you refer will have access to all of our products, to sell, use, and learn from, and you get paid each and every month they are a member. They will have access to regular trainings, tips, and tricks of the trade, that theChristianDude writes about on his members only blog. They’ll have access to our new social community and forum (still in beta, but functional and testing). When we enter into our phase 2 pricing, our pricing goes up and so do your commissions.

So, assuming a marketer promotes their theChristiandude.com membership affiliate link and proceeds to make a sale… that marketer will receive $22.50 (half of $45) for that first months sale. Then, they will receive $13.97 (half of $27.95) for every month that person remains a member. Imagine if you bring 100 affiliates on-board to our team… you are making $2,250 for the first month and then $1,397 per month! If you could get 500 new sign-ups, you would be receiving $6,985 each and every month! This isn’t even including the $11,250 that you received from their initial sign-up! Doing 500 affiliate sales for theChristiandude.com membership, you would have made $6,985 x 12 months = $83,820, PLUS the $11,250 from their initial sign-ups. You just made $95,070 in a single year!

(*NOTE– If you have already decided to become one of our affiliates, please simply scroll to the bottom of the page, fill out the web form, and you will become a member of our affiliate program.)

We have our Christ-centered lesson plan, called The Plan of Attack…  it’s the ultimate “getting started in Internet Marketing” tutorial, that walks people through the process of earning their first dollar from Internet marketing, from a task-oriented, action-item approach. Ultimately, we want to teach and help 1,000 people reach prosperity levels of 6 figure annual earner incomes.

All by itself, The Plan of Attack sells for $67.50, and at 50% commission, the affiliate earns $33.75 for each sale. Now, this is a OTO (One Time Only offer), but by the end of the book the reader is going to want to join theChristiandude.com, because they can show their receipt for The Plan of Attack and we will give them their first month for only $9.95, and then they’ll be set up on the regularly scheduled billing.

We require that you use only and strictly “White Hat” marketing techniques, and if we find that you are using sketchy, stanky, “Black Hat” techniques to promote TheChristianDude or any of our products, your membership will be revoked and you will be banned from our site and coming back as a member.

What’s really cool about our affiliate program, is that our affiliate tags never expire. What happens when you send a websurfer to our affiliate program, hoping they’ll make a purchase and put some prosperity into your pocket…  and then they back out. Well, you have no sale, right? Well, not really in our affiliate program, because we do not have an “affiliate death date” like many others do!

You see, our affiliate tracking never ends! If that websurfer comes back in 3 years and decides to buy the product, you will still get credit for that sale! We don’t have cookies that simply track for 30, 60, or 90 days, like others, leaving you feeling jilted. In our affiliate campaigns, if you are the person to refer the sale, no matter how long ago it was, you will get the commission… even if the websurfer had not been at the site in the last year and a half!

Sounds complicated. How do I get started?

That is the beautiful thing. It is so easy to get started. All you do is simply sign up for our free membership and you will be automatically enrolled in our affiliate program! (*Note- You will also be automatically signed up as an affiliate if you are a paying member!)

Once you do, you will receive your very FIRST product! Get More Traffic, with MRR (Master Resell Rights). Fill out the simple web form, BELOW, to get started!

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