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Welcome to Archive 2. Below, you will find a listing of the products inside of Archive 2. To access the products, you will need to click/visit the particular pages for the individual downloads. There are 3 pages, Downloads A, B, and C.

Download A consists of (alphabetically) the categories: Affiliate marketing & Niche through Hobby, Technology, Jobs, Finance, Travel, etc. Download B includes the categories: List-building/E-mail marketing through SEO. Download C consists of Social Media through Websites & WordPress.

Despite some of the products being more outdated, there are a LOT of great products in here that will provide some excellent opportunities for you, as well as some great products to learn from. You simply need to be creative and find new ways to create your value and/or great new products and content. Each product comes with “rights” and a license that you must adhere to. Please do so!

Affiliate marketing & Niche (Download A starts here)


Affiliate Marketing Power- MRR

Affiliate Marketing Resolution- MRR

How to Use Clickbank- MRR

The Greatest Research Tool Ever- MRR


How to Pray With Power- PLR

The Spiritual Resolution- MRR

Content & Article marketing, & General writing

Bigger Blogging Profits- MRR

The Blogging Guru System- MRR

How to Quickly Get Your Blog Indexed- PLR

Rapid Article Profits- MRR

Writing Riches With Minimal Effort- MRR

Dating & Opposite Sex

Alone No More!- MRR

Getting Back Together- MRR

Valentine’s Day Magic: Fun ideas for V Day- MRR

Amazon & eBay

Amazon Affiliate Success- MRR

Make Easy Money on eBay- PLR

Food & Cooking

1,600 Old, International & World Recipes- PLR

Bread Making- MRR

How to Cook Fish Like a Chef- PLR

Cooking Mastery Guide- MRR

Old Homemade Chocolate and Candy Recipes- PLR

Google and PPC

Adsense Alive- MRR

Google Adwords’ Remarketing Campaign- MRR

The Red Zone CPA System- MRR

Health, Beauty, Weight Loss

The Allergy Relief Sourcebook- PLR

Bipolar Explained- PLR

Say Goodbye to Erythrophobia, Blushing, & Sweating- MRR

Eliminating Acne 2 Pack- PLR

How to Quit Smoking- PLR

The Truth About Irritable Bowel Syndrome- PLR

Metabolism Masterclass: Ignite your metabolism- PLR

Quit Smoking: Tips to stop for good- MRR

Teeth Whitening: From yellow to ivory white- MRR

Unraveling Alzheimer’s Disease- PLR

Yoga for Beginners- PLR

Hobby, Technology, Jobs, Finance, Travel, etc.

The 90-10 Financial Secret- MRR

Economic Recession: An overview & comprehensive case study- MRR

Financial Resolution Secrets- MRR

How to Champion the Art of Flash Photography- MRR

The Basics of Forex- PLR

Forex Trading: Trade for max profits- MRR

Building Your Own Greenhouse- MRR

How to DJ- MRR

The Secrets for a Lush Garden- MRR

Getting Introduced to Oil Painting- MRR

Energy Efficient Home Ideas (And Save Energy Package)- PLR

Standup Comedy: Secret to becoming a successful comedian- PLR

Winning at Texas Hold’em- PLR

List-building/E-mail marketing (Download B starts here)

27 List Building Tips & Techniques- PLR

30 Amazing E-mail Marketing Tactics- MRR

Autoresponder’s for Business Crash Course- PLR

Build Me a 50,000 List FAST- MRR

E-mail Profiteers- PLR

Highly Targeted E-mail Marketing- PLR

List Building Resolution- MRR

List Conversion Tactics- MRR

Mega Money E-mails- MRR

Setting Up Your Sales Funnel: Easy video lessons- Personal Use License

Local Marketing & Work from home

Corner the Local Search Engine Market- PLR

How to Get Listings on Local Search Engines- MRR

Multi-Level Marketing Tips to Success- MRR

Network Marketing Resolutions- MRR

Offline (local) Consulting Package- PLR

Offline Marketing: Promotional tactics for online business- MRR

Offline Marketing Roadmap- MRR

Salehoo Secrets and Tips- MRR

Customer Magnet: Dominate Google’s Local Search Results- MRR

Making money & General Internet marketing

3 Steps to Newbie Success Online- PLR

Article Brokering- MRR

Beyond the Newbie Stage- MRR

Blog Flipping Secrets- MRR

Consulting for Cash: 5 day crash course- PLR

Domaining Profit Avalanche- MRR

Drip Feed Cash: Profit with membership sites- MRR

Easy Quick Cash System- MRR

E-Coaching Success: Teach what you love and sell high profit- MRR

The Membership Site Formula- MRR

Online Cash Crop Series- MRR

Ultimate Encyclopedia of Powerful Internet Marketing Mindset & Methods- MRR

Public Domain Treasures- MRR

Reviews 2 Profits- MRR

Site Flipping Riches- MRR

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Toolkit- MRR

Viral Marketing Secrets- MRR

Mobile Marketing

SMS Cellular Cash- MRR

Mobile Profits- PLR

Parents, Family, Kids, Friends

Activities for Young Adults- PLR

Discover Educational Toys for Children- PLR

Fulfilling Family Resolutions- MRR

Guide to Dealing and Caring for the Elderly- MRR

Everything You Want to Know About Homeschooling- MRR

My Child Playground (A kid-friendly browser for your PC!)- MRR

Online Education Explained: Guide to online Universities- MRR

Pets & Animals

Keeping Ducks: Successfully keeping and raising ducks- MRR

Raising Goats- MRR

PLR and MRR products, & General product creation

The A-Z of Super-Effect Sales Pages- MRR

Instant Infopreneur- MRR

Instant Product + Fast Traffic- MRR

Instant Reseller Tutorials- MRR

PLR Video Profits: 5 day crash sourse- PLR

Ultimate Guide to Writing E-books in 5 days or Less- PLR

Self help & Motivational

Biofeedback Mastery- PLR

Cracking Creativity- PLR

Cracking the Code: Shaping your millionaire mind- MRR

Resolve to Get Organized- MRR

Habit Reconstruction Project- MRR

The Handbook of Relaxation- PLR

Resolve to Help Yourself Through Helping Others- MRR

IM Mindset Formula: Target Your Mind Towards Massive Action- MRR

Intelligence Intensity- MRR

Resolve to Learn Something New Today- MRR

Life Coaching & Motivation for a Happy Successful Life- MRR

Beginners Guide to Meditation- PLR

Money Madness for the 21st Century- MRR

Overcoming Unexplained Obsessions- MRR

Personal Brilliance- PLR

Resolute, Set, Go!- MRR

Resolution Retention Strategies- MRR

The Self Improvement Evangelist- MRR

Effective Resolutions to Quitting Smoking, Drinking, & Gambling- MRR

Stress Survival Super Strategies- MRR

Time Management Mastery- MRR


SEO Reborn- MRR

WordPress SEO Secrets Revealed- MRR

Social Media (Download C starts here)

40 Hours to Twitter Mastery- MRR

Facebook and Social Media Effect on SEO- MRR

Facebook Profits- MRR

Fanpage Dollars 2- PLR

Facebook Bullseye- PLR

Socializing for Profit E-course- PLR

Social Marketing Superstar- MRR

Twitter Know-How- MRR

Twitter Marketing Power: 5 day course- MRR

Sports & Fitness

Aerobics: Effective tactics for total fitness- PLR

The Basics of Body Building- PLR

Body Building Naturally- MRR

Fitness Resolution Fortress- MRR

The Beginner’s Guide to Golf- PLR

Walking For Fitness- PLR

Templates, Graphics, & E-covers

4 Video Squeeze Page Templates- PLR

10 OTO (“One Time Only”) Templates- MRR

12 WordPress Christmas Themes- PLR

20 High Resolution Website Images- MRR

70 Royalty Free Music Tracks- PLR

100 New WordPress Themes- PLR

How to Quickly Create Your Own E-covers Free- PLR

Big Music Loops Package- Personal Use only

3 “Hearts” Templates: Hearts N’ Boxes/Chocolate/Roses- MRR

High Resolution E-Covers- Personal Use only

Ice Skating Template- MRR

2 “On the Beach” Templates- MRR

Royalty Free Music Explosion- MRR

Skiing Template- MRR

Snowboarding Template- MRR

Tips & Hints

55 Clickbank Review Articles- PLR

57 E-mail List-Building Tips- PLR

Amazing Firefox Tips- PLR

Business X-Factor-MRR

Get Organized- MRR

Headlines That Sell- MRR

Internet Business Goldmines- MRR

The Lean, Mean, Body Machine- MRR

Russell Brunson’s Workshop Notes- MRR

Tools & Software

Digital Product Management System- MRR

Auto Tweet Generator- MRR

Exit Profit Generator- MRR

Keyword Harvester- Personal Use only

Keyword Ninja- Personal Use only

Keyword Tool- Personal Use only

Marketers Help Desk- PLR

SEO Linkbot- Personal Use only

SEO Rank Finder- MRR

Site Ranking Buzz- PLR

Spin Writer Pro- PLR

Traffic Lottery- MRR

Twitter Marketing Bot- PLR

Video Pop-in Genius- pLR

WordPress Covert Links Plug-in- MRR

WordPress No Escape- MRR

WordPress Stealth Links- MRR


Link Exchanging for Free Traffic- MRR

Traffic Mastermind- PLR

Tutorials & How-to’s

How to Upsell Now: Make more money from existing sales- MRR

How to Use Glyde (Video Series)- PLR

Rip DVD’s YO!- PLR

Setup Your Own Server/Make Your PC a Server- PLR

Set up Your Own Web Hosting Service- Personal use only

How to Start a Membership Site in 24 Hours- PLR

Using Video on Your Websites- MRR

Video Marketing

Big Money From Podcasting- MRR

Product Creation Machine- MRR

Using Videos on Your Websites- MRR

Video Blog Sensation: Transform passive readers into super fans- PLR

Creating and Marketing the Perfect Youtube Videos- MRR

Video Sales Ads Made Easy- MRR


Get Your Head Into the Cloud: Using Cloud technologies- Personal Use only

Websites & WordPress

Internet Basics 101 in 10 Easy Steps- MRR

How to Move a WordPress Blog to Another Server- PLR

Quick WordPress Websites for Beginners- PLR

Sourcing and Hiring the Best Web Designers- MRR

How to Add a Free Stats-Counter Code to WordPress Blogs- PLR

WordPress Websites for Dumb-Dumbs- MRR


Thank you for visiting the best home-based Christian business opportunity around, may God bless you wildly!

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