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Welcome to the archives! Below, you will find a listing of the products inside of Archive 1. To access the products, you will need to click/visit the particular pages for the individual downloads. There are 3 pages, Downloads A, B, and C.

Download A consists of (alphabetically) the categories: “Affiliate marketing & Niche” through “Hobby, Technology, Jobs, Finance, Travel, etc.”  Download B includes the categories: “List-building/E-mail marketing” through SEO.  Download C consists of Social Media through “Websites & WordPress”.

Despite some of the products being more outdated, there are a LOT of great products in here that will provide some excellent opportunities for you, as well as some great products to learn from. You simply need to be creative and find new ways to create your value and/or great new products and content. Each product comes with “rights” and a license that you must adhere to. Please do so!


Affiliate marketing & Niche (Download A starts here)

The Affiliate Managers Handbook- PLR

Affiliate Marketing Profits- PLR

High End Affiliate Marketing- PLR

The Beginner’s Guide to Micro Niches- PLR

Super Affiliate Secrets Uncovered- PLR


The River of Life- MRR

Content & Article marketing, & General writing

5 Minute Articles- MRR

Article Marketing Secrets- MRR

Content in a Box- MRR

How to Write High Response Sales Letters- MRR

Self Publishing: How to write, print, & sell your own book- MRR

How to Write & Publish Your Own Book- PLR

Dating & Opposite Sex

Complete Dating Marketing Pack- PLR

Man and Woman Dynamics- MRR

Get Your Ex Back- MRR

Amazon & eBay

eBay Profit Pack- MRR

Food & Cooking

Culinary Herbs- PLR

Home Chef Kitchen Management- PLR

Learn to Make Sushi at Home- MRR

The Healthy Way to Eat- MRR

Google and PPC

Keep All Your Eggs in One Basket (NOT!)/Adsense Affiliate Pack- PLR

Screw Google- MRR

Health, Beauty, Weight Loss

Constipation Prescription- PLR

101 Diet Tips- MRR

Every Day Energy Tips- PLR

From PMS to PPD: Understanding the Phases of the Female Body- PLR

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis- MRR

Natural Treatments for Dandruff- MRR

The Lean Mean Body Machine- MRR

From Yellow to Ivory White: A Beautiful Smile- MRR

Restless Leg Syndrome: Necessary Precautions & Possible Solutions- MRR

The Secret Health Factor- MRR

Sleep Apnea: Sleep Like a Baby- MRR

Sleeping Solace: Better Your Sleep for a Better Life- MRR

How to Plan a Fabulous Home Spa Day- MRR

 Hobby, Technology, Jobs, Finance, Travel, etc.

The Art of Buying a Car- PLR

Auto Sound System Basics- PLR

Camping for Boys (Historic)- PLR

Complete Your House (Historic)- PLR

Becoming a Computer Expert in 7 Days or Less- MRR

101 Credit Repair Success Strategies- MRR

DIY Secrets- Save Money by Doing it Yourself- MRR

Electric Car Craze: An Environmental Boon and Perfect Mass Invention- MRR

Family History Search: How to Find Family You Never Knew You Had- MRR

100 Fashion Tips- MRR

Games For Traveling- MRR

Halloween: Creative New Ideas and Tricks- MRR

Home Security Exposed- PLR

How to Budget a Family Vacation- MRR

Internet Security Tips and Advice- MRR

iPhone Apps Profit Formula- MRR

iPhone Tricks and Apps- MRR

Jazz Dancing: Perfect Choice for Fun and Good Health- MRR

Santa’s Red Sack: Huge CHRISTmas Package- MRR

Surviving the Wild Outdoors: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need- MRR

100 Travel Tips- MRR

You’re Hired: Leave Your Competition in the Dust- MRR

List-building/E-mail marketing (Download B starts here)

Building the Perfect Mailing List- MRR

E-mail marketing Magician- MRR

How to Write E-mails That Sell Like Crazy- MRR

Super Sign-up System- MRR

Local Marketing & Work from home

Easy Offline Consulting Pack- PLR

Offline Marketing Roadmap- MRR

Medical Coding From Home- PLR

 Making money & General Internet marketing

10 pack of Audio, Video, & Articles for Internet Marketing- MRR

The $50.00 Millionaire: Turn $50 into $1 Million- PLR

350 Sales & Marketing Tactics- MRR

The Automated Profit System- MRR

Big Business Branding on a Small Business Budget- PLR

Building the Perfect Sales Funnel- MRR

Buying & Selling Domain Names for Big Cash Profit- PLR

Classified Marketing Tactics- PLR

Domain Profits Avalanche- MRR

Fiverr Cash Secrets- MRR

From Music to Marketing: How a Music Man Turned Experience into Income- PLR

Life Coach Cash University- Learn to be a High Paid Life Coach- MRR

Magic Bullets System- MRR

Membership Cash Profits- MRR

Online Cash Blueprint Newsletter System- PLR

Newsletters In a Box- MRR

Online Money System with Newsletters 2- PLR

The Opportunity Miner: Ways to Discover Lucrative Opportunities- MRR

Outsource Synergy- MRR

Site Flipping Profit Blueprint- MRR

Triple Threat Online: Monetizing Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter- MRR

The Truth Behind the Lies- PLR

Wrong Way Warrior- MRR

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Magnet- MRR

Mobile Marketing Revolution- MRR

Parents, Family, Kids, Friends

The Big Book of Coloring- MRR

Family Fortitude: Tips on Getting Your Family Out of a Rut- MRR

Become a Homeschooling Professor For Your Kids- MRR

Preschool Complete Study Unit- MRR

Parenting Teens: Special Report- PLR

Complete Pregnancy Membership Site- MRR

100 Pregnancy Tips- MRR

Successful Birthday Parties for Kids- MRR

Pets & Animals

Cat Training- MRR

Dog Obedience: Train Your Dog to Stop Obedience Problems- MRR

Secrets of Making Pet Food at Home- MRR

Raising Exotic Bengal Kittens- MRR

PLR and MRR products, & General product creation

Dynamic Software Creation: Even if You Are Not a Programmer- PLR

PLR: Internet Marketer 3 Pack- PLR

Membership Websites Demystified- PLR

PLR Profits: The ROad to PLR Success- MRR

Product Creation 6 Day Crash Course- PLR

Product Perfection: How to Create Great Products Online- MRR

Software PLR Phantom- MRR

Self help & Motivational

Driving Your Passions- MRR

Easy Steps to Self Transformation- MRR

Emotion Control- PLR

Flying Naturally: Natural Treatments for In-Flight Problems- MRR

How to Get Anything You Want- MRR

Improve Your Memory- MRR

Learn to Focus- MRR

Make Your Dream Come True- PLR

Mental Health- PLR

Authentic Acceptance: Live Your Own Authentic Life- MRR

Eliminating Internet Marketing Poison Mindset- MRR

Internalized Motivation- MRR

The Killer Instinct- MRR

Letting Go, Moving On- MRR

Lucid Dreaming- MRR

The Self Improvement Evangelist- MRR

Stress Survival Super Strategies- MRR

Ace Your Life With Affirmation- MRR

Organization 101: Tips to Organize Work, Life & Home- PLR

Overcome Shyness 101: Discover Your Inner Confidence- MRR

Productivity Without Pain- MRR

Public Speaking Quick Fix- MRR

100 Public Speaking Tips- MRR

Self Development: Affirmation & Visualization- PLR

Sense of Urgency: Hunger & Drive for Quick Success- MRR

Surefire Negotiation Tactics- MRR

Taking it to the Next Level: Using a Business Coach to Profit- PLR


Expert SEO and Backlinking- MRR

Search Engine Optimization: Strategies to Improve Site Ranking- MRR

100 SEO Tips- MRR

SEO Tips: SEO for WordPress Sites- MRR

 Social Media (Download C starts here)

350 Tips for 7 Different Social Media Sites- MRR

Social Networking Supercharged: Marketing with Facebook- MRR

Twitter Basics for Internet Marketers- MRR

Twitterbot (Software)- MRR

Twitter Know-How: Profit Even if a Novice- MRR

The Ultimate Social Media Plan- MRR

 Sports & Fitness

Beginners Guide to Playing Golf- MRR

Body Sculpture- PLR

Cycling for Life: Tips & Advice- MRR

Distance Running: Pick the Perfect Running Program for YOU- MRR

Exercise for Life- MRR

Golf Basics- PLR

Convenient Home Fitness Programs: Lose Fat Get Fit- MRR

100 Running Tips- MRR

Templates, Graphics, & E-covers

50 E-covers & Headers- MRR

Adsense Alive Themes- MRR

Mighty Minisite- MRR

Video Opt-in Templates Pack- PLR

 Tips & Hints

Avoid the Big Internet Marketing Mistakes- MRR

How to Hide Download Pages from Search Engines- PLR

Master Files: A Successful Business Owner Speaks Out- PLR

How to Set-up an FTP Account With Restricted Rights- PLR

100 Resume Writing Tips- MRR

Swipe File Chambers: Steal the Words of Million Dollar Copy Writers- MRR

What Steve Jobs Taught Us: Entrepreneurial Lessons- MRR

 Tools & Software

Dream Accelerator- MRR

Funtastic Fonts- PLR


Link Exchanging for Free Traffic- MRR

Mass Traffic Attack- PLR

Scribd Traffic Exposed: Tons of Free Targeted Traffic- MRR

Traffic Jam: How to Get 1 Million Visitors This Year- PLR

 Tutorials & How-to’s

How to Become a Professional Drawing Artist- MRR

Easy Access Videos Internet Marketing Tutorials: Volumes 1 thru 10 (HUGE!)- PLR

Outsourcing Secrets: Earn More While Working Less- MRR

Pencil Drawing: The Beginners Guide- MRR

Squidoo How-to Guide- MRR

Using Video on Your Websites- MRR

 Video Marketing

Video Magic- How to Skyrocket Sales With Video- PLR

Youtube Viral Video Magic- Personal Use

Marketing With Youtube- MRR

Youtube Video Marketing Secrets- MRR


Super Time Management Video Series- MRR

Websites & WordPress

3 Agriculture WordPress Themes- MRR

Optimize Your Websites: Turn Your Website Into a Cash Funnel- PLR

WordPress Optimization Secrets- MRR

WordPress Profitable Posts Plug-in- MRR


Thank you for visiting the best home-based Christian business opportunity around, may God bless you wildly!

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