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God bless you!

If at any time you wish to cancel your membership to, it is very easy to do. Since Paypal is our one and only payment processor at this time, all you need to do is one of two things:

1) Go to your Paypal account and follow their instructions to “cancel subscription”.

2) Alternatively, if you don’t actually have a Paypal account, you will need to find your Paypal receipt in your e-mail inbox (and at the e-mail address which you registered your account). Then, contact Paypal and ask them to cancel your account or follow the instructions in the e-mail receipt to cancel the account.

Doing one of the two above-referenced options will automatically cancel your account and all future billings from us. If you are seeking a refund, however:

If you joined and cancelled within the 72 hour “buyers remorse period”, and are desiring a refund, simply follow the instructions above in either option 1) or option 2). After you have cancelled your account, please e-mail us at:, forwarding a copy of your Paypal cancellation receipt. We will refund your money within 5 business days. (*Please note- it usually does not take 5 business days. We can and will issue refunds as soon as possible and usually within 24-48 hours. However, there are times we are traveling or out of town, and thus like to under-promise and over-deliver as we do with every other aspect of our site. You know, safe rather than sorry.Tongue Out)

***Please note: If you wait longer than 72 hours to cancel your subscription, we cannot and will not issue a refund unless unique and extenuating circumstances apply, which we will review on a case-by-case basis. We must protect our products, and we must protect our members. Our refund policy is clearly outlined here, with an explanation as to why we have this policy. Alternatively, use the drop down menu, first hovering over the “About” tab, and then clicking on “Refunds & Member Policy” from the drop down menu.

Thank you for visiting the best home-based Christian business opportunity around, may God bless you wildly!

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