Refunds & How Membership Works

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How our membership works, your access to products, and our refund period

Our refund policy is this: If for any reason you end up having “buyers remorse”, you have 72 hours from the time of your purchase to e-mail us at to request a refund, and though we will be sad you’re leaving we will be happy to oblige your request. Our goals and standards are to always under-promise and over-deliver!

After that 3 day window has passed, you will have access to everything in our site!

Please understand that with the industry we are in, it’s sad to state that there are people (and there will be non-Christians trying to do this with our site) who join sites like ours and proceed to download as many products as they are able to do in a short period of time, and then turn around and demand a refund. We have every intent of protecting both our valued members, as well as the integrity of website itself.

Not only does it hurt our product but more importantly, when someone intends to download thousands of products, then cancel, request a refund, and then disappear off into the sunset, it waters down our product offerings and the value of the products for you. Because of this, we do not allow immediate access to our thousands of products… even though in the near future you will have access to everything. So, how are products released to you? Read on…

First let’s broach the subject of how you are charged monthly membership. You will be charged the initial fee (which is currently $45), and that covers your entire first month. Every 30 days from that point, you will be charged the ongoing, recurring member fee (which currently sits at $27.95). So, you are charged $45 the first month, and then $27.95 every month thereafter, until you cancel. Every month you are a member, you prepay for that month of membership, so if you cancel and do not want to be charged, you must do so prior to the next monthly membership fee being incurred.

As for downloads and our product offerings to you… there is currently only one way to simultaneously offer a refund period, protect our site, protect you as a valued member, and prevent unscrupulous thieves from trying to download content and run. How it works is this:

For the first 3 days and during your 72 hour refund period, you will have products “dripped” to you (via a new webpage or two that hosts the content). Each of those first 3 days you will receive access to new products. On those pages, there will be anywhere from 30 to 70 products. So each day you can expect to receive access to anywhere from 30 to well over 100 new products to download (since some days more than one product or page is dripped to you). Even 50 downloads a day is more than any marketer should need initially, unless their intent is to copy our site and set up, or take as much as they can and bail.

After 3 days, you will have access to everything in our site. All of our products, trainings, e-books, tutorials, videos, and similarly, will be available for you to use or sell. The only product that is dripped to you over time is our action-based, step-by-step tutorial, The Plan of Attack. Because that tutorial is time-specific and action-based, that is the only thing we “drip” to you over time.

If you are taking this seriously, and understand that this is truly a business that takes time, diligence and effort, that little “3 day waiting period” for full-site access shouldn’t bother you. Internet marketing is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

You can absolutely and undoubtedly become a six figure annual earner via Internet marketing, but only a rare few reach that plateau in 2-3 months (though hundreds have done it in that time period, those are the exception and not the rule). You must plan on this being a long-term goal and expect some bumps, bruises, and lessons along the way. It is fair for example to set a goal of making $1,500 per month in your first 3 months. We get into that more in our tutorial, The Plan of Attack.

Anyway, back to our membership and how products are received and “dripped” to you: The first 3 days you will receive dripped content that reveals a total of between 100-200 products and downloads, and thereafter, you have access to everything. This way, the worst someone with ill-intentions can do is download around 100-200 of our products and run.

After the 3 day trial period, you will have thousands of videos, e-books, software, and plugins, available to you. You will have access to our blog and updates that include further hints, tips, advice, and tutorials from TheChristianDude, after the refund period has passed. You will have access to our over 50,000 Private Label Right articles after the 72 hours has passed as well, and everything else our site offers. 

The purpose of the 72 hour refund period is so that you have a chance to review the site, check out what we are offering, get a taste of the first few chapters of The Plan of Attack, and decide if this is something you are ready to commit to. If it is not for you, we “get it”, and extend the warmest thanks and best wishes of great blessings for you and your family!

Many “digital product” companies and member sites offer no refunds at all, because the second a digital product is downloaded or a protected website page is visited, the websurfer has instant access, use, or ownership of that product already downloaded to their computer (or available to have been read in the case of a protected member page). At, we aim for the highest standards of integrity, and want to under-promise and over-deliver however we are able, thus, we give new members that 3 day refund period.

Honestly, though it would stink if someone did download 100+ products and then bail on our site, in the big picture it will not hurt our business nor our members that deeply, because there are thousands of other resources they will never obtain. In fact, once someone has obtained a membership with and then cancels, we will block their IP address for 3 to 6 months so they can’t join our site again until that period has passed.

This is to encourage and foster the ongoing growth of a Christian marketers community, versus random websurfers who see nice content and try to get as much as they can, and then rejoin every 3-4 months to “load back up” on their resources. Further, if membership pricing has gone up, they will not be locked into the lesser pricing they previously paid. (Similarly however, we understand certain people may have unique circumstances, and we are willing to hear someone out and give consideration to temporary or pre-planned arrangements… just communicate with us!)

So, hopefully that puts things “in a nutshell” for you, so that you understand how this works! We further hope you understand why we set up our site this way.

So, once again THANK YOU for your consideration, and may God bless you WILDLY in the days and weeks to come!

Thank you for visiting the best home-based Christian business opportunity around, may God bless you wildly!

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