Merry Christmas, and 2014 is near!

God bless you!

Merry Christmas, and 2014 is near!


We are off to visit with family for the next 5 days, leaving very early tomorrow morning for a 3.5 hour little jaunt to the other side of the mountains. I just wanted to take a second to THANK YOU, my awesome, Godly members, for blessing us with your presence in our humble little forum. We have some big things in store for 2014, and are beyond excited to share much of it with you as we traverse this journey.

We are launching a couple of new sites, will be updating The Plan Of Attack, and will plan on doing some live “case studies” as it relates to some new affiliate marketing endeavors of our own that we have newly become involved in. We got out of the affiliate game for a while ourselves, simply to focus on our membership sites… and we are now going to put more effort into growing the membership base of our two membership sites (this one, Christ-centered, and a new one we are launching in January that is essentially the same site, but more “main-stream”), as well as some high-ticket affiliate programs we have recently joined.

We look very forward to sharing our successes, failures, and tips and hints along the way. In the meantime, may God bless you MASSIVELY and with PROSPERITY the rest of this month, and in 2014.

I truly and honestly cannot say or explain with enough passion or thanks, how appreciative I am of YOU for being here! I am blessed! Thank you Dude’rs! I say that wholeheartedly. So, God bless, thanks again, and best wishes for an amazing year in Internet marketing for you in 2014, and beyond!

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