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God bless you!

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GOD BLESS YOU!!! We extend the most sincere thanks we can possibly offer, for the opportunity to bless you with our membership site. Further, you are blessing us with the opportunity to serve you, and for the chance to teach you the ropes of this strange, new, technologically-driven world that we live in from a prosperity perspective.

As a new member of our site, we ask that you keep an eye out for the launch of our Forum in the weeks ahead. You will eventually find the “Forum” under the “Activity” tab at the top of this page. Once launched, come bless us over there by introducing yourself! Our forum and “mini-social” aspects of the site will be brand spanking new, and we ask you to help us grow these newly social aspects of our site.

As the site grows, this will become the most dynamic part of what we are building here at Most sites offering what we offer have zero in the way of social aspects. Part of being a Christian however, is always about family and community, so that is something we aspire to grow. Please help us do that!

In fact, each time you post in the forum or mini-social, you will garner “Dude Dollars”. These DD’s will add up, and at points in the future you will be able to use those DD’s to purchase discounts towards your monthly membership to save you some money, enter drawings to win iPad’s and similar gifts or giveaways, and whatever else we come up with to make this site more interactive, fun, and encourage your participation. Read more about Dude Dollar’s under the “Activity” menu and its sub-menu items. Again, this is new and something that will be growing over time.

In terms of navigating our extensive member site, we use a series of menu and sub-menu items, as mentioned above. It is easy to navigate, but for a quick clarification:

This page of our site, the “Members home”, falls under the menu category you see above titled, “Members”. When you hover your mouse icon over “Members” you’ll note that a drop-down menu appears. Sometimes, items from the drop down menus will have their own sub-menu items. Simply hover your mouse over those categories and subjects, and any related sub-menu items will appear. Then, click on the page you wish to visit.  This is simply how the hundreds of pages within our site is navigated.

The “main menu” items you see are at the top of this page, and are the menu items that appear without hovering over the menu item. If you click on any of those, you will mostly find pages with brief (and sometimes not so brief) descriptions of what falls under those pages.

For example, we offer an extensive number of video tutorials under the menu tab “Tools/Resources”. We have tens of thousands articles and products for your use in the “Product Hub”, as well as the best tutorial you’ll find for beginning, newbie, first-time Internet marketers via our tutorial, The Plan of Attack.

Some content is available to you immediately during the 3 day trial period, while everything else is “dripped” to you and becomes immediate;y available on day 4 of your membership. So, on day 4 you will have full and unlimited access to our site and all of our content. The only exception to this is our in-depth tutorial, The Plan of Attack, which is a time-based, action-based tutorial. That is the only thing that is dripped to you over a period of your first month of membership. We believe if you truly dedicate yourself to Internet marketing, follow our action plans, use our trainings and products, and do so for 2 full months, you will be hooked and here to stay. Smile

Under the “Members” tab, you will see that you have affiliate link and profile pages, a “Your Product Access” page, and similarly. These pages will share your affiliate links with you so you can promote our site and prosper from, as well as share the products and pages you have access to, or the date those products and pages will become available to you. For example, click here to see what products you have currently and immediately available (especially if this is your first day or two here), as well as those that are forthcoming to you, and what day they become available.

We hope that you are here for the long haul, because Internet and affiliate marketing and online prosperity is truly a journey. We will regularly add content, resources, and tutorials, in addition to writing tips and tutorials for you, and creating content that is going to help you along the way, such as what is found under the Activity tab and “Dude’s Blog Posts and Tutorials“. Some content is Christ-centric, while other content is more tutorial and Internet marketing centered. Either way, Jesus is truly our #1 and common denominator, and the best and most prominent theme throughout our entire site.

We will do whatever we can to honor Him through this site, and hope that you are an integral part of this process, and helping us to create the most powerful and helpful Christ-centered Internet marketers community in existence. So quite simply, please spend some time navigating the site and seeing all that we have to offer. We will continue to grow and get better as a community, as more members come to our site after its’ June 1st of 2013 launch. We will not stop producing and offering new content to you from varying perspectives.

This is an amazing opportunity for both of us, but without the planting of seeds and due diligence and real effort on your part, there is no way for it to bear any fruits. Take your time, start reading our Christ-centered blog posts for some initial inspiration and motivation, and dedicate yourself to slowly and over time working through our site and it’s wealth of materials and offerings, and you assuredly will be blessed with prosperity and abundance.

THANK you for this chance, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and passion with you. May God bless you WILDLY in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Thanks again, and God bless you!

Thank you for visiting the best home-based Christian business opportunity around, may God bless you wildly!

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