Our Beliefs

God bless you!

Our beliefs, what we are, and what we are not

Hopefully by now you have gathered that theChristiandude.com is the most ridiculously affordable, best, and most integrity-oriented Christian, home-based business opportunity on the Internet. Aside from that however, it’s important to understand what we are, and what we are not.


What we are

This is a place where I share my belief that Jesus died so I could live.  Straight up, plain and simple. Once I leave this world, I plan to dance and sing and worship Him, “kickin’ it” with Jesus forever in eternity!  How stinking AWESOME is that?!  This is a place where I share my belief, that although I am a complete idiot & could never deserve to go to heaven on my own merits…  I am fantastically saved from myself and my sinful nature, by the most selfless act in human history!

theChristiandude himself is a non-demoninational Christian. Plainly put, “a Christian”. This is a place where belief resides that there was a huge chasm & separation between man and God, until the blood of Jesus gave birth to a new covenant… which created a new bridge across that divide, and reconnected us to Him.  Not by acts or the stuff we do, but by faith alone in Jesus and His death on the cross, we have our relationship restored with Him. This is a place where I feel blessed by his Holy Spirit, and am sure God gave His one and only Son, to be our Father, Friend, and Savior! We believe in the Trinity, and that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are the same person, but completely separate and distinct from one another at the same time. We also believe that one day Jesus will return to earth in all His glory, as well as every other single word of the Holy Bible.

We believe that God wants you to prosper, and we believe that having a network of guidance and support, along with peers to confide in, will present one of the most powerful communities of its kind on the Internet. The power of the Internet is mind-boggling, and we feel the more Christians we can help to send out into the world being Savvy in the way it works, will better allow us to communicate and spread the Word of God.

We believe in a non-judgmental spirit in our community, because as a former atheist, I understand how everyone is at a different place in their life in terms of their walk with God. We aim to support and encourage, not beat down or brow-beat.


What we are not

We are not an employee, or extension of, or related to any of the ministries we mention on various places throughout our website. We strive to donate 10% of our profits to known, integrity-filled, Christian ministries that are doing the work of God and spreading His word.

This website is not multi-level marketing, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, or a way to instant, overnight fame and success.  It is an investment of time, and energy…  and it is real and legit.  It will however, take time, and effort.  Not a lot of elbow-grease, but plenty of time and effort. The prosperity you can attain however, is very real.

This website is not about tricking you into joining a site, only to find something virtually worthless or found elsewhere for free. Some products are better than others, but there is something to be learned from every one of the hundreds of tools and products available to you.   You will immediately have what you need for your online success, but we will always share anything that we find useful or helpful in my own efforts and endeavors.  There is always a way we can improve and get better!

This website is not about judging you, or telling you what type or kind of Christian you should be.  Our forum and community will follow that same mindset. Frankly, that is between you and God!  This website is not here to condemn you because you don’t go to church enough, or make you feel like you can’t please God, or “yell” at you because you drink beer or smoke, or whatever your vice or choices may be.  At the same time however, we will do whatever we can to encourage you to be closer to Him and repent from sinful or negative things in your life, because you will be blessed if you do! 🙂

  Cool God bless you! Cool

Thank you for visiting the best home-based Christian business opportunity around, may God bless you wildly!

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